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this is me having too much caffeine 😵😵😲
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I went to his tiny little comic shop in my hometown of Sheffield - a small city in northern England - and found this man who… had this comic shop for years and its’ filled with every Marvel comic. I was in there for a while, looking through. He was so excited to show me. I read a bunch of them.






Some people might feel sorry for themselves in this situation

Puppy don’t care

Puppy’s got stuff to do

Puppy’s got places to be

Puppy’s got people to bark at and things to sniff.


Wheatley parked himself in the sink and Angie got really offended


pagelan asked for Hunger Games Skimmons (part 1/?)

The future is not bright, especially for those in Distract 12 who have just suffered a reaping from the Capitol. Every year two teenagers are picked to take part in what’s known as the Hunger Games; a vicious sport the Capitol puts on so the Districts still know their place. The last time anyone from 12 won was when Melinda May was entered and prior to that, Phil Coulson.

This doesn’t bode well for Skye and Jemma who have just been selected for the games with little opportunity and the knowledge that only one of them can come out alive. The two of them grew up together, Jemma the daughter of a well known scientist and Skye an orphan on the streets. They have always been close and can’t bear the idea to see the other face death in the games, both vowing to make sure the other survives.

Together they’ll have to smile for the cameras and the capitol, deal with the games, their budding potential romance, and something far sinister that’s going on behind the scenes…

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😷 i also used marker for this, and it looks a lot better. #eye #pencil #marker #face #half #sketch #draw #drawing #black #nawden #nawdenarts #cielo_art #krystal #jungsoojung #fx #fxband

26/100 pictures of chloe bennet


this cat is better looking than me

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JungLi - Red Light

i don’t even like purple….or flower 😳 #art #draw #whatiswrongwithme #purple #flower #arts_help #bestdm #color #sketch

Rachel Berry,
Quinn Fabray,
Jemma Simmons,
Aubrey Posen,
Chloe Beale.
Izzie Stevens,
Addison Montgomery.
Rachel Green,
Phoebe Buffay,
Monica Geller,
Spencer Hastings,
Amy Raudenfeld,
and the list of my favorite people goes on.